Designation Of Parties: The term CSE whenever used refers to CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC. Being limited liability company of the state of Oklahoma. The term Purchaser whenever used refers to the person, firm, or corporation to whom the equipment or parts is sold.

Prices: All quotations are valid for a period of 15 days. Thereafter, CSE reserves the right to increase prices.

Terms Of Payment: Orders over $10,000.00 CSE requires 50% down, and balance due when equipment is ready to ship. Orders under $10,000.00 are due on receipt. These terms only obtain to orders shipping in the United States. International orders require 50% down, balance when the order is ready to ship.

Purchase Order: Must be made out to CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC, and signed by an authorized representative of the Purchaser. Purchase orders must be received along with down payment if approval drawing are required.

Purchase Order: Must be made out to CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC, and signed by an authorized representative of the Purchaser. Purchase orders must be received along with down payment if approval drawing are required.

Cancelation: Should order be canceled at Purchaser’s discretion, Purchaser agrees to pay all the cost incurred by CSE related to: Engineering, Restocking, and/or cancellation charges for material purchases, work in progress at time of cancellation.

Time Of Shipment: The shipment promise contained in the proposal shall date from the receipt from the Purchaser of approved general arrangement drawings, and the furnishing of all further information necessary to enable CSE to proceed with the manufacture of the specified equipment. CSE reserves the right to adjust the acknowledged shipment date based on final receipt and review of approved drawings.

Delays: CSE shall not be responsible for losses or delays caused by accidents, delays in transportation, acts of God, or other causes beyond its control.

Foundation, ETC: Unless otherwise specified, Purchaser shall install foundations including foundation bolts and furnish all tools and supplies required for the proper installation of the equipment and assume all responsibility for the strength of the building in which equipment is to be located.

Claims: The Purchaser shall within 10 days report to and have verified by delivering carrier any shortage or damage to shipment and make claim to carrier. Any other claims shall be reported to CSE within 30 days after receipt of shipment otherwise bill of lading and packing list shall govern settlement.

Back charges: Back charges for correction of equipment during installation will not be accepted unless by CSE prior to work commencing. CSE will require a firm price for any and all work and a specific scope of work. If firm price cannot be established, a not to exceed figure will be required. When verbal agreement has been reached, Purchaser must confirm in writing within 24 hours. Under no circumstances will CSE be responsible for cost, penalties, consequential damages, etc. due to delays in completion. Under no circumstances may purchaser withhold unauthorized back charges from payment of monies due per terms of payment

Taxes: taxes imposed be federal, state or other taxing authority upon the manufacture, sale or use of the articles covered by our proposal and/or our invoice (excise, sales, and use taxes) shall be an extra charge to be paid by the purchaser directly to the taxing authorities unless purchaser supplies a valid exception certificate.

Acceptance: The proposal attached is for immediate acceptance and is subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and is not binding CSE until accepted at the home office be a duly authorized officer.

Termination: If the Buyer terminates this Agreement or otherwise defaults and/or fails to perform prior to the delivery date (a “Novation”), the Company is entitled to all customer deposits/down payments billed or received plus the value of work performed to date in excess of customer deposits/down payments billed or received.  Work performed to date constitutes labor services rendered and materials used or ordered, plus a profit margin, through the date of Novation.

CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC Limited Warranty

Base Limited Warranty

CSE provides this warranty only to original retail purchasers of its products. CSE warrants to such purchasers that all CSE manufactured parts and components shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period following delivery to the original retail purchaser of 12 months. This limited warranty applies only to those parts and components manufactured by CSE. Parts and components manufactured by others are subject to their manufacture’s warranties, if any. All bearings are only 90 day warranty.

CSE will fulfill this limited warranty by, repairing or replacing any covered part that is defective or is the result of improper workmanship, provided that the part is returned to CSE or inspected by CSE.

What is Not Covered

Under no circumstances does this limited warranty cover any components or parts that have been subject to the following : negligence, alteration, or modification not approved by CSE, misuse, improper storage, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance, service, or repair, normal wear, damage from failure to follow operating instructions, accident , and or repairs that have been made with parts other then those manufactured by CSE.