Pellet Mills


Easy to use, maintain, and change dies, the robust and durable pellet mills from Graf Equipment are ideal for all pelletizing applications. These mills are constructed of stainless steel and characterized by ease of use and maintenance. With capacities up to 30 TPH, easy to change dies, and precision engineering, these durable, custom-configured machines promise efficiency and a superior final pellet.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Characterized by Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Capacities up to 5 TPH for Biomass Applications
  • Capacities to 30 TPH for Feed and Grain Applications
  • Easy Die Changes


The Graf GEPD 900/138 “Gorilla”: The world’s first biomass pellet mill with direct drive motor

The Graf 900 Series “Gorilla” Pellet Mill is a first of its kind in every way, while continuing to build on Graf’s long experience in pellet mill manufacturing. The new direct drive pellet mill features variable die speeds, allowing the operator to control the pellet quality through variable moisture and particulate size events. This mill has no belts or gears, so it needs less maintenance. The high torque motor is directly connected to the drive motor to deliver the power directly to the pelleting chamber.  

While the motor assembly technology is new, the pelleting chamber features Graf Equipment’s tried and true signature robust and compact design. The mill features a temperature sensor at the roll assembly, and available with optional control systems, feeders, mixers, die and roller lifts.


• Up to 10% less energy consumption
• Adjustable die speed for better quality
• Less required maintenance
• Higher availability
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Smallest footprint in its class
• Specially designed for biomass applications
• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
• Ready to start design for a short start up time
• Much higher torque compared to standard motor mills

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