Rotary Feeders


CSE Bliss Rotary Feeders are designed to provide a steady, consistent supply of material across the full inlet of the hammer mill. This helps to achieve the hammer mill’s full grinding capabilities. The rotary feeders require a VFD to allow for adjustments of the feed rate to the hammer mill. The CSE Feeder is designed to out last our competitor feeders and reduce down time. The CSE rotary feeder has sloped air inlets that allow air to flow directly into the hammer mill.

The housing is made from ¼” steel, and the inside that connects with the product is made of 3/8” steel. The 3/8” travels along the full circumference of the rotor, making all product contact areas last 2-3 times longer. The CSE Feeder comes with a built-in magnet protection system. This system comes in two options a manual clamp unit or an auto self-clean unit. The built-in magnet protection system allows us to build the feeder to directly replace any other feeder on the market. The CSE Feeder comes with Dodge bearings and sumitomo gear drives. We can offer TEFC or TEXP motors.

• Heavy Duty Magnet Protection
• Sloped Air Inlets (To Prevent Product Build Up)
• Welded Steel Pocket Rotor
• 3/8″ Thick Steel Product Contact Surface
• Auto Magnet Cleaning

• Micro Switch to Indicate Magnet Open
• Heavy Duty Magnet
• High Intensity Magnet
• Rare Earth Magnet
• Explosion Proof Motor

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