Counter Flow Pellet Coolers for Efficient Cooling

CSE Bliss pellet coolers are designed to slowly cool materials to within 10 degrees of ambient air, helping to ensure a high quality and stable product and reducing the chance of partially cooled, or “case hardened” products.

Counter flow cooling technology is proven to be the most efficient way to use ambient air to cool products during the production process. Counter Flow cooling technology can be used for a variety of products including, Livestock feed pellets, pet food kibble, soy cake, and other pressed/form products.

Key Features:

  • Round design allows the most efficient use of air flow that minimizes CFM requirements
  • Stainless Steel Construction is standard on the bin walls and top, optional on the floor.
  •  Floor design allows efficient air flow for an even cooling affect throughout the entire bed of material, reducing the chance of “hot spots”
  • The louver discharge provides gentle flow of product to reduce the chance of creating fines
  • Low maintenance and trouble free performance over many years
  • Multiple sizes available for a range of products and production rates
  • Volumes ranging from 34 cubic feet to 880 cubic feet of holding capacity
  • Production Rates ranging from 5 TPH to 100 TPH


  • Feed & Grain
  • Agriculture
  • Pet Food
  • Animal Feed
  • Biomass
  • Biofuel
  • Wood

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