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Hammer Mills

CSE Bliss Hammer mills are designed using over 40 of experience along with using customer suggestion that you can only get from being directly in the industry. CSE offers hammer mills in a variety of sizes, which allows us to meet any size reduction needs that our customers may have. 

Key Features:


  • The housings are made of heavy duty 3/8″ – 1″ A-36 steel plate.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Made to remove the rotor from the side without removing bearings from the shaft.


  • CSE Bliss hammer mills have doors that slide out of the way with ease.
  • Full access to the grinding chamber.
  • Made from 3/8″ thick A-36 plate.


  • CSE Bliss hammer mills come standard with Dodge Imperial Bearings. these bearings are two pieces that house a spherical roller bearing with a taper lock to secure the bearing to the shaft.

Internal Wear Parts:

  • CSE Bliss has easily replaceable wear plates to assure protection of the housing to give the hammer mill a longer life.


  • Rotors are machined and balanced with spanner nuts.
  • Rotors are precision balanced and tested with the hammer mill at operating speed to break the bearings in and assure the vibration is in tolerance. This ensures a problem free startup.

Spring Loaded Screen Carriages:

  • Laser cut for a precision fit to the wear plate.
  • Made to last longer and hold shape.

Contact us to find out more about our hammer mills:

Hammer Mill Specifications
ModelDiameterRPMTip SpeedHPScreen Area
CSE1912HM19”360017,907 FPM15-50576 SQ/IN
CSE1915HM19”360017,907 FPM20-60720 SQ/IN
CSE2210HM22”360020,735 FPM15-50600 SQ/IN
CSE2215HM22”360020,735 FPM30-75870 SQ/IN
CSE3815HM38”180017,907 FPM60-1001500 SQ/IN
CSE3820HM38”180017,907 FPM75-1502000 SQ/IN
CSE3824HM38”180017,907 FPM100-2002400 SQ/IN
CSE3830HM38”180017,907 FPM125-2503000 SQ/IN
CSE3836HM38”180017,907 FPM150-3003600 SQ/IN
CSE3848HM38”180017,907 FPM200-4504800 SQ/IN
CSE3860HM38”180017,907 FPM250-5005760 SQ/IN
CSE4415HM44”180020,735 FPM75-1001800 SQ/IN
CSE4420HM44”180020,735 FPM100-2002400 SQ/IN
CSE4424HM44”180020,735 FPM125-2502880 SQ/IN
CSE4430HM44”180020,735 FPM150-3003600 SQ/IN
CSE4436HM44”180020,735 FPM200-3504320 SQ/IN
CSE4448HM44”180020,735 FPM250-4505760 SQ/IN
CSE4460HM44”180020,735 FPM300-6007200 SQ/IN